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Top 4 Materials You Can Choose For Plantation Shutters

Shutters are window coverings that replace the soft cloth-made curtains. These are actually window furnishing like curtains, but solid and made up of hard materials. Shutters are a great replacement of curtains in areas with extremely high temperatures to allow a steady flow of air into the house and still block sunlight. This is because curtains can block the air passage, when trying to prevent the sunlight from entering your house.

Plantation shutters are installed by shutter installation companies to help you avail all their benefits. Moreover, besides installing shutters to prevent energy loss at commercial sites, there are Commercial Refrigeration Repair services provided to help keep food and beverages of your store cool and fresh in case your system is malfunctioning.  

Various materials are used for plantation shutters, some of which are the following:

1. Wooden Shutters:

Shutters made of wood can help level up your interior design game. Contrast your wooden shutters with the wood of your floorings, kitchen cabinets and furniture to stay connected to the theme of your house. Investing in wooden shutters can help enhance the value of your house. You might prefer curtains for dressing your windows as you can take them with yourself when moving. But with shutters, you actually get your money back or increased when making a sale. Such investments also play a pivotal role in attracting buyers.

2. Plastic shutters:

Plastic or polyvinyl chloride are also commonly used for making shutters. These offer a wide range of benefits that wooden shutters don’t. For instance, they are more durable and resistant to harsh weather or water. Unlike wood, PVC will not be infected by any pests like the termites. Moreover, plastic shutters come in a variety of colors giving you myriad options to match your theme in comparatively lower prices.

Plastic shutters are easy to clean, requiring a damp cloth or a toothbrush for cleaning the accumulated dust. With curtains one has to deep wash them in the washing machine after every few months, which then has to be ironed and hanged. Moreover, frequent washing can tear the curtain, requiring you to replace it after every few years. So, shutters are a one-time investment, having a lifespan of decades, which can be increased by maintaining well. PVC shutters can even last a life-time if taken care of and looked after.

3. Composite shutters:

These are man-made structures, made by a mixture of wood and plastic. They are long-lasting and friendly to the pocket. These shutters are a hybrid between the two materials, have the qualities of both wood and plastic – they look like wood, but not that expensive. They are resistant to moisture and harsh weather like plastic.

4. Metal shutters:

Metals like aluminum are also used as shutters for windows. Aluminum is cost-effective, long-lasting but prone to corrosions and rusts. They are best suited for the exterior of the house. These like other shutters will not allow sunlight to enter your house and produce glare, which makes watching TV or working on the computer/mobile difficult. Aluminum shutters, more than other materials, make your home energy-efficient by preventing energy loss through holes and hidden tiny cracks. This helps in cutting down on your energy expenses and saving our environmental assets.

Why hire Shutter Installation Company?

Shutters perform the same function that curtains do, in fact are more efficient. Here are some of the benefits of Plantation Shutters.

  • Protect from ultraviolet radiations:

UV rays from the sun can have detrimental impacts on the human body and other items in the house. Shutters of any material will block any such rays and will not allow them to enter your abode.

  • Adjust as per your will:

With shutters you have the complete authority to allow what extent of light to enter your house. Adjusting the angle of slats can help increase or decrease the amount of light passing through.

  • Variety of designs:

Shutters are available in a plenty of colors, materials and designs helping you stay connected to your color theme and purchase the ones you desire. In fact, contrasting the color of shutters with the color of your furniture or wall paint can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.  

  • Lower down the unwanted sounds and noise:

Shutters ensure sound sleep and prevent noise from entering your home. A noisy neighbor can be extremely irritating, which in case of curtains cannot be avoided. Shutters, on the other hand, help block such voices in both ways, neither will you hear noises nor your private convos will be heard by people nearby.