tips of buying bra and panties

Tip to Buy A Bra That Fit to Your Body

Life is not perfect, but you can bra! Choosing the right bra is important when pairing a good dress. A well-fitting bra will give you better shape, comfort and increase your self-confidence. On the other hand, a bra of the wrong size can cause you a lot of sadness.

We understand that choosing the perfect bra is a terrible experience; From choosing a bra according to the size of the cups to wearing too small a bra, we’ve all made some mistakes in the bra. It is natural to be confused how to buy the bra that suits you best. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a few basic details on how to buy the perfect bra.

1. Check Size of your bra

First, it is important to know the correct bra size. A loose bra can give you a dull look. Also, a tight bra can cause many health problems, including breast tissue damage, severe pain, or skin rashes. If you think your bra is not fitting or you are not feeling well, the size you are wearing may be bad. Visit Playtex México to get best bra and panties

2. Choose the right fabric

When buying a bra, pay attention to the quality of the fabric. Good fabric can prevent you from having a bad skin rash.

No matter how attractive nylon and spandex bras look, they are definitely not for everyday use. Instead, choose a natural and soft fabric, such as cotton, for everyday use. The cotton fabric is absorbent and has breathable fibers.

3. Determine the shape of your breasts

Not sure how to buy a bra that fits well? Do not worry! No two women have breasts that look the same. Did you know that there are nine different types of breasts in the world? So, of course, the same bra style doesn’t suit us all or looks the same.

If you have small breasts and want to improve your breasts, you need a Push-Up bra. Even if you have heavy breasts, you may need a full coverage bra or Supper Support. That’s why it’s important to know the shape of your breasts to find your perfect bra.

4. Choose the best style

Have you ever wondered how you can buy a bra that will enhance your outfit and provide comfort? Now, friends, to fit you perfectly, you need to choose the right style. If you want a bigger neckline, you may need a Plunge Bra. You may also need a full coverage bra for good support and coverage.

5. Try, try, try!

Try before you buy! When buying underwear, it is better to try it than to buy it. Each tag has different size tables. So if you are wondering how you can buy a bra that will suit you, then follow the size chart of the brand and do not stick to the specific size or style of the bra.

6. Movement test

Have you ever wondered how you can buy bras that fit perfectly? Before buying a bra, it is good to do a test of its movement. Stretch and check if the skeleton is approaching. Then shake your arms back and forth to check how the silk threads are feeling or if you are not feeling discomfort in your chest. Finally, bend down and see if your breasts stay safe in your bra. A movement test is the best way to find out if your bra is sitting or not. # 9 Compatibility Test

The first step to finding the perfect bra is to perform a fitness test. All you have to do is calculate the size of the tape, chest or cup using the meter. A well-fitting bra will give you full support and position. For detailed instructions on how to measure your bra size, see We Live on how to make sure your bra is accurate.