Bathroom Interior

6 Simple Tips to Refresh a Bathroom Interior

Your bathroom is one of the busiest areas in your house. The heavy use it receives every day makes it prone to early wear and tear damage. Preserving the pristine condition of your bathroom space requires proper care and attention. Take the time to refresh your bathroom with these 6 simple yet effective tips:

Clear the clutter

The first step you should take when sprucing up your bathroom is to clear the clutter. When there’s too much clutter around, it can make your bathroom look crowded and unsafe to use. Get rid of empty bottles and containers on your bathroom countertop and floor.

It would be ideal to add a wastebasket in your bathroom, so you can easily dispose of unnecessary items that create clutter. Hide the wastebasket behind a cabinet door to make your bathroom look neat.

Add storage

Adding storage is one way to avoid clutter and keep your bathroom organized. There are a lot of creative and inexpensive ways to add storage to your bathroom. If you want to save floor space, installing a wall-mounted cabinet is the way to go.

Having closed storage space is very important if you share your bathroom with other people. It can prevent different bathroom items from mixing up, making them hard to find. Storing your medicine in a hanging cabinet will keep them out of children’s reach.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Refresh your bathroom for the spring season by applying a new coat of paint. It is the easiest and cheapest way to add personality and style to your bathroom space. To make your bathroom look brighter and more spacious, choose light paint colors such as white, beige, powder blue, teal, canary yellow, and soft gray.

You can also paint a statement or bathroom accent wall to create that fun, lively vibe. When shopping for a paint product, make sure to select one that is suitable for wet areas, so you don’t have to worry about mold growths on the wall, ceiling, and floor.

Update your lighting

Lighting is an important element of home design. It improves the aesthetics as well as the functionality of your interior. Even if your bathroom receives a lot of sunlight, it would be a mistake to downplay the importance of interior lighting.

A pair of wall sconces can best serve as decorative and task lighting in your bathroom. Remember to consult your residential electrician before replacing light fixtures in your bathroom.

Swap out your bath rugs

Your bath rugs could be making your bathroom look dull and outdated. Swap them for new, fresh designs. Besides making your bathroom floor safer and more comfortable to walk on, you can also use your new bath rugs to add a touch of luxury to your space. There is a wide variety of rug designs, colors, textures, and sizes available in the market today.

Bring in shower plants

There is no better way to refresh your bathroom space than by adding some greenery. Shower plants can give your bathroom an entirely new look. Aside from adding beauty and creating a relaxing spa feel in your bathroom, these plants can also improve your indoor air quality.

According to GoodHousekeeping, the best house plants for your bathroom space are spider plant, fern, English Ivy, money tree, calathea, rubber tree, peace lily, and pothos. You may display these potted plants on a window sill, mount shelving, or hang them in your bathroom corner.

Work hand-in-hand with a plumbing professional

Working around plumbing components can be tricky. To maintain your safety at home, you’d surely want to partner with a licensed plumber when it comes to any bathroom work.

Working with a pro will help you prevent damages to your plumbing while you make changes around your bathroom interior. Discuss your bathroom improvement project with a licensed plumbing company today!